The IP Licensing Academy is for any IP owner – inventor, entrepreneur, infopreneur, start-up, and students – looking for access to the information, resources, and expertise, so every opportunity for licensing success is at your fingertips. Now you don’t have to be frustrated because you have an IP with massive potential for success, but you lack the licensing knowledge and expertise to transform it into money-making licensing deals.

IP Licensing Academy Membership

For those considering licensing or anyone ready to take their licensing activities to the next level, you can't afford NOT to invest in the IP Licensing Academy.

Being an expert about your intellectual property is essential, but lacking an understanding of licensing – how to create and control your IP’s cash flow generating power – will kill even the best intellectual property.

You’ll learn all the proven techniques, strategies, processes, and systems that we use ourselves with our clients to make big money licensing intellectual properties. With proven methods for maximizing IP cash flow, increasing royalty income, and growing your licensing success quickly and sustainably, the IP Licensing Academy will give you the tools and confidence you need to succeed in licensing your intellectual property!

IP Licensing Academy is a breakthrough system for increasing your licensing opportunities and maximizing your royalty revenues immediately, regardless of the market conditions or economic environment.

If you are serious about creating wealth from IP licensing, then the IP Licensing Academy is for you.

Licensing intellectual properties is a fast-track ticket to generating money and creating wealth – and you don’t have to figure it out yourself or do it alone.

Learn from over 30 plus years of experience perfecting these techniques, systems, processes, procedures, and millions of dollars in licensing deals. Without exception, if you implement what you learn, you can successfully license your intellectual property and learn how to put systems in place that ensures continued, sustainable growth and achieves more than they ever thought was possible.

Here is what you receive as an IP Licensing Academy Member
  • Participate in monthly “Licensing Coaching Calls to give you expert guidance in licensing your IP
  • 24/7 access to all of the recorded audio workshops and materials
  • You’ll receive access to our growing library of Licensing Courses
  • You’ll receive action steps, templates, and worksheets to help you develop sustainable licensing processes and systems
  • You get sound, proven licensing techniques and strategies usually reserved for our highest paying consulting clients
  • You gain access to a community of IP Licensing Academy members with whom you can network and share ideas with other successful licensors and licensees
  • Access to special live webinar events featuring experts in the areas of IP law, IP Valuation, IP Financing

Become a member and attend the monthly coaching calls, and take action on what you learn. Your licensing activities will be successful, and how to continue achieving sustainable, money-making license success!

Group Coaching Sessions Are Scheduled Monthly

Recording Every Live Session Makes Sure You Never Miss a Beat!

The IP Licensing Academy supports inventors, entrepreneurs, and business owners – whether you have developed intellectual property or are looking for the next big IP opportunity – in creating licensing success! Ninety-nine percent of the value of this program is in the coaching our members receive in the live coaching calls.

You Get Access to the Licensing Courses – Start Anywhere – Access the Licensing Information You Need Right Now to Take Action with Your Intellectual Property

Learn and Leverage
  • Learn how to Create the Licensing Mindset
  • Create licensing cash flow in as little as 90 Days
  • Designing The Licensing Program That Serves Your Life
  • Defining Your Licensing Strategy
  • Developing a Powerful Licensing Vision
  • Identifying, Communicating, and Leveraging Your IP Competitive Advantage
  • Work Less, Make More Working with Your Ideal Licensees
  • Your Strategic Licensing Action Plan – Doing the Right Thing at The Right Time
  • Learn How to Develop Systems that Produce Consistent Results
  • And much, Much More.

The IP Licensing Academy is your BEST resource for all things related to your licensing success.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Basic Monthly

$ 500 /Monthly
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Recorded Coaching Sessions & Materials
  • Beginner Licensing Training Courses
  • Limited Licensing Document Template Library
  • Limited Licensing Resource Center

Premium 3 Month

$ 2500 /3 Months
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Recorded Coaching Sessions & Materials
  • Beginner & Intermediate Licensing Training Courses
  • Licensing Document Template Library
  • Licensing Resource Center
  • Group Licensing Mastermind Meetings
  • 3 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Elite 6 Month

$ 4500 /6 Months
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Recorded Coaching Sessions & Materials
  • All Licensing Training Courses
  • Licensing Document Template Library
  • Licensing Resource Center
  • Group Licensing Mastermind Meetings
  • 6 One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Money Back Guarantee (Premium and Elite only): If you don’t feel you’re getting great value from your membership, simply email us requesting a refund for the remaining time of your membership plan.
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