Licensing Models, Markets and Opportunities

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There are many different facets of licensing, and one of the most important tasks is to identify what kind of IP you have to know where it fits into a market. This kind of assessment will give you a solid foundation for developing your strategic licensing plan.  This course will walk you through all the steps to make sure you have that kind of strong foundation.

You’ll learn how to plug your numbers into a profitability analysis formula to find the cost-effectiveness of your IP and determine its profitability. You’ll also learn all about the licensing strategy options and opportunities and how to make the most of them.

Although the most important step in licensing your intellectual property is taking action, you’ll learn why you never want to rush an IP to market without determining the best way to do it.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to use licensing to break into a market that may not seem obtainable – and other benefits to intellectual properties
  • An overview of more than 10 different property sectors, including publishing, sports, fashion, and art that will give you an idea of the possibilities licensing can give you – and the crossover opportunities that come with them
  • How to use licensing to set up joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Resources for filling in gaps you may have in your cost-effectiveness formula.
  • How to use the profitability analysis template to set up a “revenue forecast.”
  • A breakdown of intellectual property cycles and models – from “evergreen products” to “classic with a promotional spike” – and how to identify where yours fits in so you can start building a licensing plan
  • How to use the Fast Track Licensing Plan template

Topics for this course

9 Lessons

Licensing Models, Markets and Opportunities

Introduction and Course Summary00:02:57
7 Big Licensing Benefits00:05:33
Licensing vs. New Ventures00:06:08
IP Fit and Types of IP00:08:01
Licensing Models and IP Lifecycles00:06:52
Creating the Licensing Plan00:09:18
Fast Track Licensing Plan Template00:03:58
Build IP Value with a Team00:04:01
Summarizing the Key Points00:01:49

About the instructor

Rand Brenner is an IP professional whose passion is helping inventors, startups, and businesses of all sizes use licensing to turn their IP into income-producing products, services, and technologies. His decades of experience run the gamut from medical devices to food technology to consumer products. He’s licensed some of the biggest Hollywood entertainment blockbusters including the Batman Movies (1 and 2), and the number one kid\'s action TV show, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Rand speaks about licensing and is a featured speaker at investment conferences, trade shows, colleges, and startup events. He’s a published writer with articles appearing in several prestigious trade magazines including The Licensing Journal, Intellectual Property Magazine, and License India. His latest book, Hidden Wealth: The Money Making Power of Licensing, is available on
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  • Introduction to Licensing is recommended before this course.

Target Audience

  • Students
  • Inventors
  • Business Owners
  • Startups
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