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About Us

IP Licensing Academy is your resource for information, mentoring, advice and real world expertise on how to make money buying and selling intellectual property rights.  You’ll find the right licensing resources for any stage of your licensing process 

Our Story

The Key to Success in Licensing

Though licensing is rarely talked about, it is an insanely profitable business and has created some of today’s largest fortunes. Licensing is lucrative for all types: creative people who offer the ideas, business people to promote the ideas and bring products to market, and agents to spot new opportunities and act on them!

Our Process

How we work

IP Licensing Academy is a fast-track ticket to generating money and creating wealth – and you don’t have to figure it out yourself or do it alone. Whether you are an inventor with the new IP, a business ready to expand, or an entrepreneur looking for the next big opportunity, Licensing4Profits is the only place that gives you access to continuously updated content with real world actionable information you can use right now to start making money with your IP.



Our consulting services help clients activate the full value of their IP as part of a business strategy – whether it’s tapping new revenue opportunities, developing products, faster market entry, expanding brand visibility, or creating partnerships for business expansion.





Revenue generated from licensing intellectual property (IP) is one of the fastest ways of growing and expanding a business in today’s economy. Nobody knows just how large the US licensing business is. Estimates put it between $80 billion to $150 billion.



Your intellectual property is your most valuable business asset. It’s core to your future revenues, and you must keep track of it, especially if you are trying to license it or raise capital.


PAst Client

LCG is engaged to manage the outbound licensing initiatives for a patented blue light technology for oral health care. Assignment required developing a licensing strategy.


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The founder

Rand Brenner is CEO of IP Licensing Academy (ILA), intellectual property management and licensing company specializing in assisting companies in strategically use their intellectual property to generate revenues. He is also the founder of Iplicensingacademy.com

 which offers training, coaching, and courses on licensing and how to use it to make money with all types of intellectual property.

His licensing experience includes medical devices, health care technology, consumer products, food, entertainment, software, digital media, and more. Rand has led international licensing programs as both licensee and licensor for startups and Fortune 500 companies, and through licensing consulting projects focused on strategy, marketing, and business development initiatives.

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