About the Academy...

In today’s economy, you can make more money licensing your IP than making and selling it yourself as a single product or service. And mastering the licensing skill set will give you the ability to create a lifetime of wealth and prosperity for you and your family.

Our Mission

To make a positive impact in creating a new wealth opportunities by training IP owners, marketers and entrepreneurs on the best practices in licensing intellectual property licensing.

Rand Brenner – Founder & CEO

IP Licensing Academy Makes IP Licensing Work

The Key to Success in Licensing

IP Licensing is widely recognized as the most cost-effective way of generating revenue with your IP. The IP Licensing Academy is at the forefront of the licensing world and is dedicated to training and educating individuals and organizations in the best practices of IP licensing.

The IP Licensing Academy offers a wide array of educational and training components for the experienced corporate marketer, IP inventor, or entrepreneur launching a product or service for the first time. We provide timely, crucial information and training that helps you to get through the IP Licensing campaign process with seamless success, using licensing best practices that have stood the test of time.

If your goal is to use licensing to make money with your IP or acquire IP rights to expand or increase your revenues, the IP Licensing Academy is for you.

What The IP Licensing Academy Offers

When you enroll in the IP Licensing Academy, you’ll learn the secrets that IP Licensing Professionals have been using for years to create unbelievably lucrative licensing deals. All of the resources needed for each IP Licensing discipline will be at your fingertips. The courses reveal the key decision parameters to make the best decisions in every situation, every time.

The IP Licensing Academy will instruct, prepare and guide you on implementing your licensing campaign with the actual data and performance-based skills it needs to be successful. We teach, explain and guide… but we also “DO.”

Whether it is training, analysis, or implementation, whether it is the entire licensing campaign or one component, the IP Licensing Academy will show you how to effectively set up, implement and manage all parts of your licensing activities.

There is nothing hidden and no secret, proprietary information leaving you helpless or misguided about IP Licensing once our job is done. With the IP licensing “street smarts” you’ll get from the IP Licensing Academy, you’ll know what to do and how to do it, what’s in the best interests of every party involved, and make decisions that increase profitability and minimize time wasters.

Our goal is to equip you with everything you need to do it, or manage it, on your own with:

  • Knowledge to implement the licensing process;
  • Financial savvy to maximize licensing revenues;
  • Street smarts to avoid the pitfalls.

Unlike specialized industry providers, the IP Licensing Academy empowers you for IP Licensing success with the comprehensive training, education, and advice necessary to ensure your IP licensing strategies and actions are truly the most appropriate for your specific IP licensing campaign.

For more information about how the IP Licensing Academy can positively impact any aspect of your IP licensing initiative, contact us at  646-395-9572  or email us at info@IPlicensingacademy.com.

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