Win the NEW Game of IP™
How to Capitalize, Monetize and Actualize Your Intellectual Assets

Rand Brenner & Mitch Axelrod show you how to play and WIN The NEW Game of IP™ in this audio clinic and report.


IP Licensing Essentials is a $395 game changing, money making clinic. You also get the special report
“IP: The Economic Currency of the 21st Century”

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IP Licensing Essentials is a digital download. No CD will be shipped.
  • Why intellectual property is the new currency of the 21st century and how you can capitalize in this new economy.
  • How to create and build your IP wealth and why you want to be “all in” the IP game NOW.
  • Why IP is the biggest asset class on the planet and how to monetize the next big investment opportunity of a lifetime.
  • The 3 keys to capitalize, monetize and actualize your intellectual property and increase your IP net worth.